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Change & Transformation
When ignored or mishandled, it can cause disruption, confusion, and frustration. However, when well managed, change can lift organizations to new levels and increase workforce performance.
Whether you’re rolling out a major new product, undergoing a corporate reorganization, implementing an ERP system or experiencing any other kind of transformational change, we can help you realize positive results.
WebTech’s Corporate Change and Transformation services assesses an organization’s readiness for change, identifies any potential resistance, and develops plans and processes to ensure a successful transition.
When you partner with us, we can guide you in developing an actionable plan, drive adoption and awareness at all levels, and create a strategy for measuring the impact of change – internally and externally.
Service Categories
Our corporate change and transformation services include:
Stakeholder Analysis:
We reach out to influencers and stakeholders to assess change resistance, increase awareness, and drive adoption. We help you create a plan that considers stakeholders’ fears and concerns and addresses pain points before they sabotage an initiative.
Force Field Analysis:
We provide a quick starting point when a comprehensive analysis can’t be performed. By assessing and scoring, driving and resisting forces related to a change. We can give you overall suggestions for plans, deliverables, and timeframes.
Change Readiness Assessment:
We evaluate 14 factors impacting organizational performance and change. The results will help you prioritize actions and highlight issues and areas that need further investigation.
Campaign Management:
We help you formulate a comprehensive Communication Plan, Employees’ and Clients’ recognition assessment and create a wide range of effective communication deliverables. We can also manage, facilitate, and execute communication programs and specific activities such as: Leadership, Change and Transformation workshops.
We deliver
We can help you with:
Risk assessments and specific mitigation plan.
Clarifying the mission, vision and objectives for the change effort.
Creating and communicating a vision beyond the initial implementation.
Clearly relating to an important, strategic business-objective.
Developing a clear, catchy sound bite that summarizes the behavior change.
These personalized workshops introduce you to the principal aspects connected to the development of change management strategies with an aim of increasing flexibility and productivity in the company. Ensure the organization, quality, competitiveness and success increase at the time of the definition, the design, the development and the installation of the change project in the company. See details and example:
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