Asset Management français
The Resource Management software modular system combines flexibility, innovation, and experience which enables the management of assets such as: computers, telephony, facilities, furniture, fixed and mobile equipment, documents, machinery, tools, and emergency material.
Resource Management maintains records of assets for enterprises throughout their life span from the planning of the purchase trough recycling. Resource Management enables to visualize all information about assets, suppliers, maintenance, usage, and storage.
Resource Management help's to minimize the purchase of non-necessary goods as well as maximize the use of assets. Resource Management tested system also notifies management of the date when an item is due for maintenance, recycling or liquidation.
The subtlest Resource Management functionality, is its analytic and report functions. The Resource Management software package is easy to use. It offers easy access and extraction from thousand of standard reports. Also Resource Management provide the possibility to modify or create new ad hoc ones.
Resource Management allows:
normalization of assets in the organization
simplification of the tedious tasks of capturing data
analysis of collected data at all time
increase the productivity of your enterprise
increase surveillance in the use of assets
avoidance of unnecessary purchases
reduction of maintenance cost
reduction of loss caused by misplacement or theft
planning acquisition, deployment, recycling or the liquidation of assets and thus reduce operational delays training management
document and media management
Intranet-Internet purchase of assets, goods, material and supplies data replication technology
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