Wise whiZ Workshops announce a very new workshop intended for Executives and Managers, but also for all Employees who wish to elucidate the famous mystery connected to the development of change strategies with an aim of increasing flexibility and the productivity, but before-all imagination in their company.

More and more companies require their employees and managers to increased quality control of products and services which they deliver. Managers searching for results will have to provide themselves with ways and tools in order to ensure organization, quality, competitiveness and success increase at time of definition, design, development and installation of change projects in the company.

Indeed, how to render comprehensible complex realities of organizational management, quality, competitiveness and success differently than while proposing to the participant to live the experiment vis-à-vis its daily decisions with questions. The purpose of the use of questions is to make it possible to the participant to question and check its comprehension of presented concepts in this interactive exploring session, but before-all to develop its imagination vis-à-vis the situations.

This workshop contains many tricks and easy ways which make it possible for participants to use information to enrich their way of making it happen. The workshop introduces innovative working methods and ways to make it happen. The modern manager must use all the means available in order to make training accessible to greatest number. Human resources training is an integral part of a business strategy and a fundamental component of good change management in business.

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