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You can download our WebTech '' Managing through selling your business '' Introduction in PDF format.

We spend time with you to understand your business and its potential.
A WebTech Facilitator is appointed as your primary contact.
We manage the process allowing you to run your business.

Selling a business takes significant effort, often over a period of many months, on the part of both the buyer and the seller. It is physically and emotionally demanding, and the impact should not be underestimated. It is time consuming and requires effort above and beyond that required managing the ongoing operation of the business.

WebTech' role is to guide and support you through this process. A Facilitator will be appointed to act as the primary point of contact for your business sale.

Strong communications and effective project management during the process are essential to maximizing the value extracted from the sale. The Facilitator will maintain contact with professional advisors such as accountants and legal representatives to ensure that progress is made and momentum maintained.

WebTech Management provides checklists for the information required from the seller. The seller must ensure that this information is provided accurately and in a timely manner as it forms the basis of the valuation and marketing of the business, and subsequent negotiations.


At WebTech we take project management seriously. This means:
Clear and accurate sale documentation.
Confidentiality at all times.
Structured marketing campaigns.
Facilitation of meetings and negotiations.
Coordination of advisors.
Management through to completion.

We gather information to understand the dynamics of your business.
We view your business from the perspective of the buyer.
Value is not constrained by financial calculations.
The motivation of the buyer is the key.

The first step is for WebTech to gather information and undertake a financial valuation of your business based upon the information available about its performance to date and its future prospects. This will produce a range of values that form the baseline valuation. This would then be used as the basis for the asking price for traditional business brokering.

experience has shown that a business can attract a large range of offers. This is for the same business and moment in time, based upon the same information provided to all bidders.

Why do these bids vary so significantly?

This is because the value of a business to the potential purchaser is not purely driven by a financial calculation, but is driven by the degree of strategic fit to their existing business or future strategic direction. This means that the motivation for the purchase is a key element in determining the price offered.

The WebTech Management methodology is to view your business from the perspective of the prospective buyer who wants to realize the full potential of your business under their management and direction. This enables the seller to:


Demonstrate to the prospective purchasers the underlying potential of the business, which may not be factored into their offer price, thus improving the valuation.
Demonstrate to the potential purchasers those areas of the cost base that care candidates for longer-term reduction, thereby showing that the underlying potential of the business is greater.
Provide the facts to support the final negotiations about the offer price and conclude contractual negotiations, thus improving leverage.

Never assume the deal is done until completion.
Numerous issues have to be considered and negotiated.
Maintaining control of the deal process is crucial.
Typically, this can take some months.

Our role does not end with introducing buyers or agreeing a price for your business. Obtaining offers is only half the battle. Negotiating what is and isn't included in the offer, the structure of the transaction, the timing and method of payment and the nature and extent of due diligence and then managing the process through to completion is a time consuming and complicated procedure.

The WebTech Management policy of thorough disclosure minimizes the danger of negotiations getting bogged down or late price erosion at these stages.

We work with your legal and financial advisers to reduce the pressure on you and see the deal through to a successful conclusion with the minimum of stress and disruption to your business.

How long it takes to sell a business depends on how quickly the vendor can collate all the necessary documents and how smoothly the negotiating process takes place once the potential buyers have been found. A transaction is not normally completed in less than three months from receiving instructions and more usually would take 9 - 12 months.

Confidentiality is crucial.
Confidential information will not be released without your approval.

We understand that maintaining your confidentiality is crucial.

Initial contact with WebTech Management is on a 'no obligation' and confidential basis.

If you wish, we are happy to discuss our approach to proactively selling a business and how it might be appropriate to you on a completely anonymous basis.

Once engaged as a client, we manage the release of confidential information relating to your business during the sales process in a structured and controlled basis.

Confidential information will not be released without your approval. The objective is to only release sufficient confidential information necessary to progress towards the deal.

If you have any specific concerns about confidentiality then, please let us know when you contact WebTech Management, and we can then discuss the options available.

Other business assistance services are offered such as; more elaborated opportunity investigation, business and financial evaluations, quality and quantification evaluation of management and employees, market value analysis, market business potential studies, etc.
WebTech Management guidance can help the new investor to accustom its self with local social, economic and politic structures to make sure is venturing is successful. Our specialist can also develop well on-the-job training programs as part of assistance services.

We suggest you to request one of our professionals to contact you to help you understand our Selling your business - Managing through Service within the context of business strategy setting and execution of your organization.

You can download our WebTech Introduction in PDF format.
Just fill in an e-mail with necessary contact information and a few details at: and we will contact you ASAP.
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