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WebTech Management and Publishing Incorporated is a premier Management - Technology Solutions Company.
WebTech Management is a leading international network of specialists offering custom Solutions, Re-imagining, Innovation, Energy and Change that assist organizations and enterprises in attaining greater success through the effective execution of change on a project-by-project approach.
WebTech Management operates in partnership with clients as a performance-driven service supplier; we pride ourselves on being implementers, achievers, and deliverers. Our approach is to understand the client's business and work with the client's organization as an integrated part of the team. The emphasis is always on quality, value and ensuring we deliver.
WebTech Management stands out in the systems integration, consulting and software solutions marketplace by providing value-added, mission-critical solutions in rapid time frames driven by very experienced people. Our solutions are delivered through focused industry, process and applications expertise enabled by technology. The company offers its products and services through innovative, flexible business partnerships and measures its success by the impact it has on client results.
Over the past 20 years, WebTech Management and Publishing Incorporated has created ground breaking applications for its clients and has provided innovative solutions to some of the toughest business and technical problems. You can download our WebTech Introduction in PDF format.

Companies for wich WebTech has business interests or Partnerships


International Senior Network Associate Member.
Germain Decelles, o.s.j., MBA
C.E.O., Senior Partner,,,Founder
Executive-level bilingual management consultant which has a wealth of experience in general management, with specific expertise in:
Multidisciplinary business projects of average or large scale, Organizational Diagnostics, Business Architecture, Change Management, communication, training, Technology evolution planning. Contracted and Managed for the last 30 years in industries such as: Computer, Manufacturing, Transport, Distribution, Retail and Government. Experience on international and local markets. Proven ability to build new organizations, reorganize troubled operations or expand into international markets. Extensive international experience. Lived and worked in France and USA. Worked in England, Morocco and Ivory Coast.
Retired Canadian Coast Guard-member (SACSM), Secretary to the general Assembly and International Advisor. He holds a Certificat in organization and business management from les Hautes Études Commerciales de Montréal (CDN)., and Master of Business Administration, from Concordia University (U.S.A.).
His books are published on the American market and sold worldwide. Among his publications are: Business Change Management & Business Project Management - ISO preparation and information Guides - ISO pour Tous (ISO made easy). For more information on his books, Visit WebTech Publishing. You can reach him at: Germain Decelles  gdecelles@webtechmanagement.com

Yvan Poirier
Canadian Senior Network Associate Member
Vice President, business development & partnership
Yvan Poirier is involved in psychological health and personnel welfare for businesses and organizations. He specializes in personal recognition and burn-out. In addition, he consults in administrative organization and organizational planning of events. He is also a TV presenter.
From 1972 to 2005, he occupied several services' administrators' posts within various Departments for the government of Canada. Since 2005, he offers psychological health services and personal well-being to companies. ..
He carried out many mandates in the manufacturing and commercial sectors, and also for non-profit institutions.
.Author of the book: La RECONNAISSANCE, une question de respect! '' WebTech Publishing, based on personal experiments, very well received by the private and public sectors. You can reach him at: Yvan Poirier .

Georges B. Klein
Board Member - International Marketing and Sales

Mr. George Klein is the international Director for our affiliate compagny Force Marketing and Technologies Inc. A professional with over twenty (20) years of experience in international trade and, specifically, expertise in: Looking for opportunities, presentation of products and services, organization of sales and trade policy in the European markets (EEC), North Africa and the Middle East.

He excels in developing and delivering marketing programs to help clients develop new business opportunities, make a smooth transition into new markets both for medium and large size company. Also he is an expert in analyzing business issues and commercial impacts and the establishment of business organizations in the field. You can reach him at: Georges Klein

Jean-François Lebœuf
International Senior Network Associate Member.
Jean-François Lebœuf is an executive-level management consultant who has a wealth of experience as an International Business Facilitator, with specific expertise in strategic/tactical marketing and sales planning in environment, energy, utilities and transportation. 25 years of experience on international and local markets. Proven ability in re-engineering commercial activities for the benefit of is clientele. Extensive international experience. Live and worked in Canada and is presently residing in Spain. Worked in France, Italia, England, Portugal and the Gulf Region. .You can reach him at: Jean-François Leboeuf .

Miembro senior de la red internacional de especialistas
Jean-François Leboeuf es un asesor en gestión y administración que posee una vasta experiencia como facilitador internacional en comercio, con una habilidad única para la planificación estratégico-táctica en la puesta en marcha de ventas en el sector de servicios medioambientales, energéticos y de transportes. Asimismo, 25 años de experiencia le respaldan en mercados internacionales y locales. Sus capacidades han sido demostradas en la aplicación informática de la re-ingeniería de actividades comerciales, presentando soluciones punteras en beneficio de su clientela. De esta manera, adquiere una amplia experiencia internacional. Ha vivido y trabajado en Canadá y actualmente reside en España. También ha trabajado en Francia, Inglaterra, Italia y en la región del Golfo. Para contactarlo: Jean-François Leboeuf .

Albert Lasry
.International Senior Network Associate Member...

Albert Lasry is an executive-level management consultant who has a wealth of experience in general management, with specific expertise in re-engineering, technology evolution and strategic/tactical planning in the financial services, energy and utilities, transportation and the public sector.

Mr. Lasry is a Principal Consultant of (ITT) INTERNATIONAL TRANSFERT TECHNOLOGY Consultants, Paris France, an independent consultancy with international alliances focused on providing organization consultancy, products, services and support.

30 years of experience on international and local markets. Proven ability in re-engineering computer application by introducing new technologies for the benefit of is clientele. Extensive international experience. Live and worked in Canada and USA. Worked in England, Tunisia and Ivory Coast.

The focus of his personal consulting work is the establishment and operation of a central framework within a private or public sector organization in order to achieve the strategic objectives of the enterprise. As such, he links the best practices of business strategic management with the best practices of project management and quality performance measurement. You can reach him at: Albert Lasry

Symvision Inc.
Associate Partner, Force-Marketing Inc.

Established in 2001, Symvision is a company specializing in multimedia services. The expertise acquired by developing a website, CD-ROM, business electronic cards and large-screen presentation makes Symvision an influential partner in the development of FORCE MARKETING TECHNOLOGIES INC.

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