EIM Potential and Imagination

Enterprise Initiative Management (EIM) provides comprehensive collaboration and issue resolution capabilities that allow senior executives to personally lead corporate initiatives and drive strategic vision deep into their organizations.


Strategy & initiative management
Change management
Alignment of company goals
Program and project management
Continuous Improvement Projects
Worldwide management and collaboration of initiative & product development

Enterprise Initiative Management (EIM) software is a collaborative tool that allows senior executives to lead the organizational efforts required to create and deploy the policies, processes and products necessary to achieve the organization's strategic goals.

EIM software must be able to draw out and store the constructive contributions of any and all individuals within the organization - as well as strategic business partners - in the collaborative process of identifying and resolving change issues.

EIM is frequently used to set the objectives for the multiple projects and numerous tasks that must be carried out during the course of an initiative deployment.

In addition, EIM software is critical for resolving the unanticipated problems that always arise during the course of a project and must be quickly and correctly solved.