EIM Benefits

Enterprise Initiative Management (EIM) is founded on the principles that increasing the efficiencies of strategy deployment will lead to increased business success.

Ask yourself these questions:

Is your organization held back from attaining its topline revenue goals because of poorly communicated or executed initiatives?
Does your organization have challenges communicating the corporate initiatives from the CEO down to the line managers?
Is your company's project portfolio mis aligned with your initiative direction?
Have costs exceeded plan and have resources been poorly allocated against the initiative plan?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you have identified some of the key problems that an Enterprise Initiative Management (EIM) solution would help you solved.

What are the EIM benefits when deploying a corporate strategy with?


Chief Strategy Officer, CEO A senior executive who is responsible for a P&L and/or manages a large budget: COO, CFO, GM

Web-based tool leverages corporate lexicon and shares common files globally
Changes to strategies/initiatives universally communicated
Strategies become linked to only mission critical initiatives increasing corporate focus
Monitor cross-departmental deployments to avoid duplicate efforts and wasted resources
Snapshot view of all deployments increases downstream management accountability
Track the financial impact down to the project level

Senior Managers

A manager who needs to insure resources are properly deployed - balancing needs of senior management and direct reports: VP, Director

Keeps you linked to all key strategic initiatives
Share progress of all strategic initiatives in real-time
Monitor ongoing changes to ensure your group's alignment
Coordinate Projects Company wide and easily identify non-strategic projects
Link strategic initiatives along with financial impact
Use tool to increase visibility of your department's progress & successes

Project Managers

A day-to-day manager who needs a strong PM tool and would like to see projects relate to larger initiatives: Project or Program Manager

Simplify your reporting capabilities to your manager
Make meetings more productive with an Internet-based collaboration tool
Easily link daily efforts to department goals and initiatives
Integrate projects with other departments in real-time to improve departmental coordination and avoid duplication
Provide key financial results and metrics on your projects
Increase visibility of projects to upper management