Nosco Knowledge the Most Comprehensive system forHuman Resources, Training, Intellectual Capital Development and document Management Intranet /Internet System

What is the Nosco Knowledge System?


Nosco Knowledge is a Human resources, training, learning, intellectual capital development and management Intranet/Internet system;
Nosco Knowledge helps train, inform and manage knowledge and documentation in order to increase Intellectual Capital Development of Employees;
It offers an extensive opportunity to both Corporations and Organizations to increase the intellectual capital development of their human resources.
It is a comprehensive and consolidated system offered at a very affordable price.

The Nosco Knowledge is an Intranet/Internet-based software, accessible to Corporations and Organizations large and small, concerned by the challenges of training and maximizing knowledge. The Nosco Knowledge System combines the flexibility of the Internet with the power of Intranet-Replication technology to provide worldwide training, learning and knowledge management solution. This comprehensive human resources, training, intellectual capital development and management Intranet/Internet system is available at a very competitive price.

It is particularly affordable to small and medium businesses that are faced with specific training challenges and limited training resources. Nosco Knowledge presents them with the same features of a larger system at a very affordable price, enabling them to achieve important saving while attaining and even surpassing business goals.

Nosco Knowledge goes beyond mere data warehousing and retrieval. It also offers its users unique and highly valuable online interactive features. Prospective Investors should recognize that although developed in Canada, the Nosco Knowledge System targets the much larger American, European and Asian markets, with Canadian interests being clearly subordinated. It is American-focused and worldwide oriented.

Why and How?

The success of learning and knowledge management rests mainly on the ability of key personnel to access, assimilate and communicate relevant information to clients, management and users

By computerizing training and knowledge with Nosco Knowledge, the enterprise acquires the unique ability to provide timely and relevant information and services through out the organization.

In addition, Nosco Knowledge is a tool that is greatly appreciated by key administrative personnel, as the software has been conceived with the intent to simplify their task. By distributing requests through an Intranet/Internet network and by allowing rapid decision-making, Nosco Knowledge eliminates delays, thus improving bottom-line results.

Nosco Knowledge improves efficiency and productivity, as well as the management of planning, purchasing, accounting, administration, training, knowledge, human resources and documentation departments. It gathers, organizes and distributes all information used by the personnel without neglecting the concern of confidentiality. It enables employees to spend more time using the information, and less time looking for it.

Why or how should people manage the following situations?


Employee file and student profile management
Increase in employee productivity
Knowledge acquisition
Personalization of software for your enterprise
Learning profile management
Mobile learning
Training and knowledge distribution throughout the organization
Improved monitoring of training and knowledge use within the enterprise
Management of learning training material
Avoidance of unnecessary training purchases
Administrative, technical and training documentation management
Planned acquisition, deployment, recycling or liquidation of training material
Normalization of training and knowledge in the organization
Training management and activity tracking
Analysis of collected data at all time
Security privileges management
Simplification of the tedious tasks of capturing data
Reduction of maintenance costs
Accounting of learning/training activities
Reduced operational delays
Data replication technology
Intranet/Internet technology


Specific Features of the Nosco Knowledge System

The Nosco Knowledge software is built on the modular concept. A series of optional modules gives it a maximum flexibility as far as performance is concerned and also provides customers with the option of installing as many or as few modules as they want.

From a marketing standpoint, this is part of a strategy that allows us to introduce the software at a very low cost while preserving the option of adding services as the client identifies its additional needs.

Here are the modules available:

The Nosco Knowledge Intranet/Internet System interactively gathers, organizes and distributes all the information necessary for the management of training, knowledge, research and expenditures via reports. The system is available both on an Intranet and through the World Wide Web, according to business needs and requirements.

The Nosco Knowledge Electronic Exchange Module allows personnel to transfer documents, reports, analysis, messages, and to manage correspondence to one or more recipients, whether they are on the highway, at the office or at home.

The Nosco Knowledge Documentation Module allows an interactive gathering and organizing of books, files and electronic media, as well as the distributing of all corporate or specialized documentation. The Nosco Knowledge Intranet/Internet System, also allows you to personalise a glossary of general terms used throughout the product.

Customized Reports and Statistics Module, Nosco Knowledge is capable of supplying complex data often necessary when making important decisions. Special functionalities i.e. it analytic and reporting functions, allows easy access and extraction from thousand of standard reports. Nosco Knowledge also provides the possibility of modifying and creating ad hoc reports.

The Nosco Knowledge Query Module allows a consultation of the Nosco Knowledge database. The system is simple enough that a beginner user will become an expert after only a few hours of training. The ease of use of this module presents infinite possibilities that the advanced user will quickly discover. Searches can be made on any data contained in the database.

The Nosco Knowledge Invoicing Module interactively gathers, organizes and distributes all the necessary information about training and knowledge activities expenditures through the production of reports.

The Nosco Knowledge Communicator Module allows personnel to communicate, report, request training, manage correspondence. Employees remain in contact with one another, whether they are on the highway, at the office or at home.

The Nosco Knowledge Personnel Module allows to input and maintain relevant data about employees and sub-contractors. This provides information to the administrator regarding assignation of training and to check assignments in progress.

The Nosco Knowledge Personalization Module allows the input of specific that will considerably reduce the time employees need to enter data or find their data. For instance, one enter names and local business addresses, service specialists, reference centers, nearby police stations, etc. Any change to this information can be updated through this module.

The Nosco Knowledge Security Module allows you to apply different levels of restriction on accessing the data that is deemed confidential. It contains security tables that allow the administrator to enter information on each user, including access priviledges for each module.

The Nosco Knowledge Information Module allows a match between online assistance an the user’s position in the organization. Nosco Knowledge offers quite a huge modifiable library of Power Point and Microsoft Word files. The Nosco Knowledge system also allows the integration of ISO 9000 procedures.

The Technology Challenge

Corporations and Organizations today face constant pressure from their customers and personnel when it comes to the use of new technology. They need to offer superior levels of integration in the work place by making available superior user-friendly solutions.

Corporations and Organizations often need to be assisted with the selection and implementation of technologies. They also require ways to maximize the benefits of those technologies within the organization itself. Furthermore, those who are exposed to new technologies such as operating systems, client/server architecture and SQL relational database systems will require even higher levels of technical expertise. Corporations and Organizations who want to remain competitive need to adapt their approach in order to increase their productivity levels. This process is not a one-time accomplishment but a continuous one.

Consequently, a new generation of training and knowledge information systems is required in order to provide Corporations and Organizations with the necessary technologies, products and services to make appropriate changes in an economical and fast manner.

Nosco’s software technology incorporates object-oriented design principles that maintain reliability, scalability and highly tuned performance. Primarily, the goal is to follow the development of the application’s software step by step, from the first contact with the user to after-sales support. The design of object-oriented systems according to ISO 9000 norms used by WebTechManagement supports a large number of languages and program-design tools. Please refer to the portal to visualize the Object-oriented programming methodology used by WebTechManagement to design, develop and maintain the Nosco Knowledge software.

Nosco Knowledge front end client development tools are VISUAL BASIC, MS-ACCESS and SQL-Server from the Microsoft Corporation.

The MS ACCESS and SQL-Server programs consist of complete relational databases. Since their introduction into the world market, over two (2) million copies have been acquired by developers. By offering platform flexibility, we enable large as well as small clients to take advantage of Nosco Knowledge products and services.

MS ACCESS has won nearly all the prizes of excellence awarded in this area since its inception. Recently, MS ACCESS became the only software program in the history of Computer Science to receive the PC Magazine award in the category of design and operational ease for the clerical user.

Microsoft is the world leader in design and marketing of computer programs intended for computers as well as network personnel. More and more people utilize these technologies throughout organizations.

Each Nosco Knowledge Intranet/Internet-based software user client has its unique needs and strategies. Nosco Knowledge was conceived to easily adapt to client requirements.

The Training and Knowledge Intranet/Internet-based software package was in great part designed with ACCESS, the Microsoft relational database system. Nosco Knowledge allows the integration of all documents produced by any software that is compatible with the Windows environment.

The client-server technologies: Windows, NT, 2000 as well as Novell are supported. Interconnection with other environments such as UNIX, SQL-Server, Oracle, Ingres, Informix, Progress and some 50 others is also available.

Nosco Knowledge supporters the upgrading of applications approved by Microsoft. We have chosen MS ACCESS and SQL-Server because these systems offer, on the one hand, technical advantages to our programmers and, on the other hand, maximum flexibility at lesser costs to our clients. The comparative feedback from large computer enterprises, the rapid execution of MS ACCESS, as well as its interaction with many other computer systems such as WINDOWS and UNIX enable us to be confortable with our choice of technology.

Nosco knowledge REPLICATION

Database replication is the technology for copying a database so that two or more copies remain synchronized. The original database is converted into a Design Master and each subsequent copy of the database is called a replica. Together, the Design Master and the replicas comprise the replica set. Each member of the replica set contains a common set of replicable objects such as tables, queries, forms, reports, macros, or modules. Each member of the replica set can also contain non replicable or local-objects.

Replicas that belong to the same replica set can exchange data or replicable objects updates. This exchange is called synchronization.

When designing your applications for multiple users, database replication can improve the way users share data. Using database replication, you can reproduce a database so that two or more users can work on their own replica of the database at the same time. Although replicas can be located on different computers or in different offices, they remain synchronized.

Competitive pricing

WebTechManagement works hard to deliver competitive pricing on industry-leading products that consistently provide superior price/performance versus the competition.When you're buying technology on a budget, the lowest-cost option can sometimes seem like the right one.

WebTechManagement can assist by answering your questions on hardware power, speed, robustness - in short, the performance - you need to run your systems efficiently. Pricing and product information for this program is also available through the WebTech network of sale and service offices. If you have any questions regarding the products and services available, please address your questions at WebTechManagement